Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Extra Large Paper Leaves Garlands

I have been commissioned by the lovely Creative Clerkenwell to make an extra large version of my 'Paper Leaves Garlands' for the display in their Christmas pop-up shop!

If you follow my work, you'll know the garlands well from last year, but here's a previous post about them HERE.

The standard size garlands will be up in the shop by next week! These come in 2 x designs, 'Birch & Beech Leaves' and 'Elm & Ash leaves' - Each garland has 12 individually hand cut & hand folded leaves, hung on over a meter of ribbon, gold or silver leaves come with gold or silver ribbon, at £12 a garland.

I will also being doing a small amount of the extra large garlands, these will come in 1 x design of 12 individually hand cut and hand folded leaves in the 4 different designs 'Birch', 'Beech', 'Ash' & 'Elm', each cut from an A4 size sheet of metallic paper, gold or silver, and hung on 4 meters of gold or silver ribbon.

Keep an eye out for updates of when the garlands are made, photographed and in the shop!

Also for further details & an invite to Creative Clerkenwell's Christmas pop-up shop (dates 17th-22nd December 2013)

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