Monday, 27 January 2014

Handmade Notebook Sale!

End of line Sale!
Due to new a new manufacturing process, still handmade, but bound with Linen thread!
My Handmade staple bound Notebooks are now reduced to clear at only £4.50, only a few left!
You can buy them from my Etsy Shop SALE section.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Currently working on...

As well as job hunting, I am keeping myself very busy working on new designs and collections, all of which will be sold in my online Etsy shop, on my Seek & Adore store and a couple of other places!
I am tweaking, developing & making stock of items including Handmade Notebooks, A4 Paper cuts, Hand cut Cards, Paper Decorations & Watercolour artworks, with no doubt more ideas to come in the spring....

Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2014 All Rights Reserved
'Watercolour Working'

 Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2014 All Rights Reserved
'Paper cut Production Line'

Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2014 All Rights Reserved
'Freya Lines Designs Pot of Lavender'

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New year & New job

I work as a London-based freelance designer and self-employed studio assistant.
Currently I am looking for a job, specifically part-time & full time jobs in roles that include design & art studio assistant/studio coordination, with potential to develop into studio management roles.
I have 3+ years experience working for various companies, large and small, designers, crafters, jewelers and artists, and I am also looking for skills based jobs focused around design & craft making.

I have a jam packed CV that wants to be looked at & a lot of relevant experience, fingers crossed I find something wonderful soon!