Monday, 27 February 2012

Sneek peak, My Designs on Mugs

I’ve been poorly & development of Lines Designs has been slowed. So here’s a little something to keep the blog going. A sneak peak at a little something that's been in the pipeline, my designs on a Mug! Hopefully something I can pursue in the not too distant future!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Little Artwork for a Lovely Track

I was commissioned to do an Album Cover for JJ Mumbles' New Single 'Boxes & Buttons'.
It was really nice to create something completely different to the usual leafyness of own work and I had fun playing with ripped up paper and drawing hands!
You can have a Listen & Looky here ...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines - How to Grow A Love Plant

I'm not very keen on the whole Valentines Malarky, especially as me and my other half have our anniversary not long after, which is much more exciting!
But, after quite a few years, I still always make a little something for my Mr Buckley and this year I had fun making this!

How to Grow a Love Plant.

1. Make One packet of Love Seeds using a little bit of imagination &  love...

2. Put the Love Seeds in a little Plant Pot, lovingly of course..

3. Watch the Love Plant grow with all it's Love..

4.  Pick the Love Plants, with love & care..

 Lovely Lovely Love Plants...

5. Finally, put the Love Plants in a pot of your chosing, I chose a mini Strawberry Jam pot 
as it is Mr. Buckley's Favourite Jam...

Friday, 3 February 2012

Drawings Patterns Products

I have (still) been rather quiet on the design front as of late, but I am working on developing ranges of hand made and manufactured products to sell!
Although it takes time to put it all together, it is a complete dream working on what I love.
From the inspiration & idea, to the sketch & drawing, developed into motif & design, turned into patterns & put on a product!

Paper Seeds

If only I could grow paper seeds into paper plants that have paper leaves!

Happy Sunny Friday

Sitting at my desk getting Bits & Bobs of work done, and it's SUNNY!
The sunshine is making nice shadows from bits of papercut and collage work on my wall...