Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Merry Christmas

 It's time for a design, internet & work-related-thinking break - Have a very merry christmas!
I will be make christmas pate & paper leaf garlands as some gifts. Celebrating with friends around a bonfire, with music, food & cava and celebrating with family with good food, cheerfullness & relaxing. Until next time...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Anna Lovell's Christmas Sale

 I will be selling my products at Anna Lovell's Christmas Sale!

Dates: Friday 14th December 12 - 9pm, Saturday 15th December 11 – 6pm,
& Sunday 16th December 11 - 6pm
Location: 9, Links Yard, Spelman Street, London, E1 5LX.

Come along for a festive 15% discount on all my products!
Products including my 'Leaf Branch' Cushions & Mugs,
Accessories including patterned Travel Wallets &
Pocket Mirrors, perfect for pretty stocking fillers!
And there will be a wide selection of greetings cards,
Christmas cards & hand crafted paper decorations!

Spread the word, come along & find some goodies just in time for Christmas!

Spelman Street is located just behind Brick Lane,
Nearby Stations are Aldgate East, Shoreditch High Street & Liverpool Street.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Creative Clerkenwell Christmas Pop-Up Shop

This week Creative Clerkenwell have a Christmas Pop-Up shop at the Craft Central Showcase & I have a few Christmas cards & Decorations there too!

It's a beautiful show featuring 'Christmas delights from UK designers and makers' & there are also drop-in workshops for gift-wrapping and card-making.

 Thank you Creative Clerkenwell & Charlene!

Creative Clerkenwell Christmas Pop-Up Shop

Tue 11 – Sun 16 December, 2012
weekdays 11:30am – 7:30pm
weekend 12-5pm

Showcase at Craft Central
33-35 St John’s Square
London EC1M 4DS 
More info here 

Monday, 10 December 2012

My first stall

My first stall at the Salusbury School Christmas Fair was a success, Yippee! Thank you to all who came, bought & said lovely things. And thank you to the two most wonderful men in my life, (the dad & the boyfriend) for all their help & support. Now to keep on going, growing & to finding some more fairs to sell at!
Here are a few photographs of the day...

All items are available from my ONLINE SHOP

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Golden Christmas

Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012. 
Christmas decoration, gold metal paint, gold tape, gold handmade leaf, gold cotton thread & gold pendant.

I come from a family who isn't that big on Christmas, it's a more chilled out affair, for family, food & relaxing after all working hard. It's certainly not about bright lights & excessive spending, we don't really get christmassy until a week before.
But for me, the things that inspire me & make the christmas season special are all the little festive touches, right from the start of the autumn leaves decorating the trees & pavements, to the sparkly ice on plants as it gets colder, as well as all the usual mulled wine & minced pies!

A big part of my festive season is Gold & all things Golden! Gold paper, gold paint, gold thread, gold ink, gold nail varnish, gold jewellery & gold makeup!

This reflects in my products, with the 'Golden Autumn' notecards range, hand finished with gold paint, 'Christmas pattern' & 'Folded Leaf' cards in gold envelopes & my new 'Paper Leaf Garlands', made with gold paper & hung on gold thread. 

oh & I do love annoying my family with cheesy Christmas songs!

Check out my little online shop here

Paper Leaves Garland

Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012
Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012
Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012
Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

This Christmas I making handmade 'Paper Leaf Garlands' as festive decorations!
Inspired by the paper leaf garland I made for my home last year, see blogpost here.
I have designed & made five different leaf shapes, based on the Silver Birch, English Elm, Wild Ash, Beach & Aspen Leaves.
They are hand cut & hand folded from gold double sided metalic paper & hung on gold cotton thread.

They will be sold at the Salusbury School Christmas Fair and some other little shows I am doing in December (if I can make more in time).

Packet's include...
10 x Handmade leaves
in 5 different designs (2 of each design)
on 1 metre of 100% cotton thread
Garlands can be taped or tied, it's up to you.
Garlands must be hung tightly so leaves do not fall & group in the middle.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Salusbury School Christmas Fair

 I will be selling my products on my first ever stall! 

On Saturday the 8th of December, from 11am - 3pm
I will be at the Salusbury School Christmas Fair.

Come along for a festive 15% discount on all my products!
Products including my 'Leaf Branch' Cushions & Mugs,
Accessories including patterned Travel Wallets &
Pocket Mirrors, perfect for pretty stocking fillers!
And there will be a wide selection of greetings cards,
Christmas cards & hand crafted paper decorations!

Spread the word, come along & find some goodies just in time for Christmas!

Salusbury School is located on Salusbury Road
Nearby Stations include Queens Park, Brondesbury Park & Kilburn Park.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Decorative Book Covers

I'm so excited to have received these samples in the post from Enitharmon Press!

A little project completed last month using my two of my designs to decorate U.A Fanthorpes books of poems.
My 'Herb Sprigs' pattern is on the U.A Fanthorpe & R.V Bailey 'From me to you' Love poems and my evergreen Leaf Branch pattern on the U. A Fanthorpe 'Christmas Poems'.
I'm looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate & having a read of them. My name is on the back cover too!

Thankyou Peter Target & Enitharmon Press!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Pattern Cards

It's the last day of November, it's cold & crispy outside and it's nearly December & really nearly CHRISTMAS TIME!
I have designed two new festive Christmas Pattern Cards, decorated with pencil & watercolour 'Green Leaves & Gold Stars' & 'Evergreen & Red stars'.
These a6 greetings cards are digitally printed onto 250 Gesso Paper & come with a festive gold envelope!

 All images & design COPYRIGHT Freya Lines

All images & design COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 

For more information & images you can have a look at them in my online shop HERE

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Floral Wreath Greetings Cards

My NEW Floral Wreath greetings cards are now in the shop!
With two variations of the 'Floral Wreath' pencil & watercolour original illustration, 'Thankyou', with more autumnal tones and 'Happy Birthday' with more spring green tones.

 All images COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

More details...

Digitally Printed Greetings Card, decorated with 'Floral Wreath' design & 'Happy Birthday' words.
Pencil & Watercolour original illustration, digitally printed onto 225gsm Gesso Paper.
Blank Inside
Size aprox 148mm x 148mm
Comes with white envelope & inside plastic sleeve

Have a look at my shop HERE

Monday, 19 November 2012

NEW Leaf Branch Mugs

I'm very pleased to announce that my first ever mugs will be available to buy for £10 each in my ETSY SHOP from this Friday 23rd of November.
The 'Leaf Branch' mugs are digitally printed & decorated in the UK, Stoke-on-Trent and made with 100% Fine Bone China. (More details at bottom of Post)

The Mugs are decorated with my pencil & watercolour 'Leaf Branch' design and come in 3 colourways, a Lavender Grey, a Natural Green and a Green Grey.

As always I'd love any feedback & to know what you think, I hope you like them!

  Lavender Grey 'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

 Lavender Grey 'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

Natural Green'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

  Natural Green 'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

Green Grey 'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

Green Grey 'Leaf Branch' Mug COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

 'Leaf Branch' Mugs COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

More Details...

Digitally Printed Mug, decorated in 'Leaf Branch' design
Pencil & Watercolour original design.
Digitally printed and Decorated in the UK, Stoke-on-Trent.

100% Fine Bone China
Microwave & Dishwasher safe

Size: 7.5 cm circumference x 8.5 cm height

Please Note: Colour's may vary from photographs to real life


Monday, 12 November 2012

Ginger Pickle Giveaway

The lovely Ginger Pickle, who stock my pocket mirror's, travel wallets & Golden Autumn notecards are doing a giveaway. By entering, you can win one of 6 prizes, which includes my 'Leaf Branch' Pocket Mirror!

 All Images COPYRIGHT Ginger Pickle 2012

You can enter the competition via Ginger Pickle's Facebook page here
And have a look of more of mine & other's products on the ginger pickle website!

Friday, 2 November 2012

A little bit of Papercrafting Leaves

Yesterday I had a day to be creative & I had a little play with papercrafting some handcut & folded leaves. One is inspired by Silver Birch Leaves, which have decorated my street with their lovely gold yellow leaves, And the other, English Elm leaves, which I really lovely the shape of. It's a bit of a development from last years 'Folded Leaves' golden paper decorations I made for Christmas. I think I will keep playing with leaf shapes & make them from some lovely autumnal coloured & golden paper's and make some more festive decorations from them this year!

You can see the blogpost about my christmas decorations from last year here -

A cup of coffee in my own mug

I know it must seem a little annoying, me constantly posting about potential ideas, products & samples. It's certainly frustrating for me, but I really am only just starting out in the world of design, so it is a slow process. I just hope I don't bore you before I get started!

This morning I got some new mug samples in the post and was really thrilled with them! They are Fine Bone China mugs with my 'Leaf Branch' design digitally printed onto them. I had a tasty little tester of the Green colourway - by filling it with a morning coffee with cream & sugar!

Hopefully I will have them available for sale within the next few weeks!

Card & Gift Blog

 Thankyou so much to the wonderful Card & Gift Blog who have done a lovely post about my new 'Golden Autumn' Notecards Range!

You can see the lovely things they said HERE -

And you can read more about the 'Golden Autumn' Range HERE -

Or buy them from my shop HERE -

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

'Golden Autumn'

All images & designs COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012   

I am very happy to announce my new 'Golden Autumn' Notecards Range! A collection inspired by vintage British wildflower books, dried plants & the golden tones of Autumn.
Featuring 5 Notecards of different designs, handrawn original illustration, digitally printed & individually hand finished with gold paint.
Designs include 'Seeds', 'Tansy Flower', 'Reedgrass', 'Peppergrass' & 'Moorgrass'.

I hope you like them & they make you feel all golden & autumnal, maybe even Christmassy!

  Golden Autumn 'Seeds' BUY HERE

 Golden Autumn 'Tansy Flower' BUY HERE

 Golden Autumn 'ReedGrass' BUY HERE

 Golden Autumn 'PepperGrass' BUY HERE

  Golden Autumn 'MoorGrass' BUY HERE

You can have a more detailed look and purchase them from my SHOP HERE

More Details:
5 x Digitally Printed Notecards on 250gsm Gesso paper
Sold singularly or as an assorted pack of 5
Size A7 aprox 105 mm x 74 mm
Comes with a gold envelope & inside plastic sleeve

Friday, 5 October 2012

NEW Herb Sprigs Greetings Cards

 All images & designs COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

Announcing one of my NEW Greetings Cards for the Autumn time!
Inspired by homely garden herbs & dried herbs, their comforting smells & earthy tones.
My NEW Herb Sprigs illustration, which includes Rosemary, Thyme & tarragon, creates a simply delicate & warm design appropriate for any occassion & message.

All images & designs COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012

Digitally Printed Greetings Card, decorated with 'Herb Sprigs' design.
Pencil & Watercolour original illustration
Digitally printed onto 225gsm Gesso Paper.
Blank Inside
Size A6 aprox 10.5 cm x 14.8 cm
Comes with brown kraft envelope & inside plastic sleeve

This Greetings Card is now available to buy in my Online Shop HERE

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Oregano & Fennel Flowers

Whilst making a cup of tea & looking out at the garden, which is turning more & more brown & autumnal, I noticed some lovely little flowers, the yellow of the Fennel Plant & the pale pink of the flowers on the Oregano Plant. I think the colours look really lovely together & I like the contrast in the plants structures, they smell lovely too! I think I will do some sketches & designs from these...

 I also rather like the Oregano & Fennel Flowers with this Sedum head I already had in a bottle. Fresh & Spring-like Greens & Pinks!

Monday, 1 October 2012

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Freya x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumnal Colours

If you know me or you know my designs, you'll know I Love Lavender. If I ever had a tatoo, I'd have a peice of Lavender hidden by my armpit (odd, but meaningful to me) - But I have come to notice everything is getting a bit too Lavender coloured on my blog & in my work. I don't actually like the colour Lavender, but the blues & greys. So, inspired by my love of all things autumnal and golden brown and lovely, I am going to have a few tweeks here & there and get a little less Lavender-y! (I Hope) Watch this space!

Monday, 17 September 2012

More Stock

My 'A Bunch of Flowers to say..' Greetings Cards are now back in stock!

You can find them HERE