Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Golden Christmas

Image COPYRIGHT Freya Lines 2012. 
Christmas decoration, gold metal paint, gold tape, gold handmade leaf, gold cotton thread & gold pendant.

I come from a family who isn't that big on Christmas, it's a more chilled out affair, for family, food & relaxing after all working hard. It's certainly not about bright lights & excessive spending, we don't really get christmassy until a week before.
But for me, the things that inspire me & make the christmas season special are all the little festive touches, right from the start of the autumn leaves decorating the trees & pavements, to the sparkly ice on plants as it gets colder, as well as all the usual mulled wine & minced pies!

A big part of my festive season is Gold & all things Golden! Gold paper, gold paint, gold thread, gold ink, gold nail varnish, gold jewellery & gold makeup!

This reflects in my products, with the 'Golden Autumn' notecards range, hand finished with gold paint, 'Christmas pattern' & 'Folded Leaf' cards in gold envelopes & my new 'Paper Leaf Garlands', made with gold paper & hung on gold thread. 

oh & I do love annoying my family with cheesy Christmas songs!

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