Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumnal Colours

If you know me or you know my designs, you'll know I Love Lavender. If I ever had a tatoo, I'd have a peice of Lavender hidden by my armpit (odd, but meaningful to me) - But I have come to notice everything is getting a bit too Lavender coloured on my blog & in my work. I don't actually like the colour Lavender, but the blues & greys. So, inspired by my love of all things autumnal and golden brown and lovely, I am going to have a few tweeks here & there and get a little less Lavender-y! (I Hope) Watch this space!

Monday, 17 September 2012

More Stock

My 'A Bunch of Flowers to say..' Greetings Cards are now back in stock!

You can find them HERE

NEW Stockist! 'My pop up design shop'

I now have my little patterned products in a NEW pop-up shop!
Since the end of the lovely Roses & String pop-up shop at Queens Parade, Heather Hodgins (previously of Roses & String) has teamed up with Zoe Brewer of 'My pop up design shop' just two doors down.
So you can now purchase my products from there instead!

Currently there are my greetings cards, travel wallets and pocket mirrors. And very very soon, there will also be my cushions and hopefully i'll get some mugs there too!
With Autumn pretty much here, I also aim to sell some Autumnal & christmassy cards & decorations too.

If you're in London, go check out Queens Parade & have a peak at my things too!

My pop up design shop LINK HERE
Queens Parade at Willesden Windows LINK HERE

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A journey of Internships

On my path to gaining experience & finding a 'dream' job as some sort of studio assistant/designers assistant, I begin another internship tomorrow, with a lovely designer called Ali Miller.
I've had a good few years of undertaking some great internships with some wonderful designers, like Helen Minns, Emma Jeffs & Ella Doran.
I'm really looking forward to the routine of going off to 'work' everyday (even if it isn't paid) and just having the satisfaction of working really hard with and for someone else. Then coming home in the evening lovely and exhausted to have delicious dinner & enjoy my favourite tv programmes like The Great British Bake off & Masterchef!
It will be a part time internship over the next few months so I will have time to keep working on freelance designing and developing my own products & business. I plan to design and develop my Christmas range, along with ideas & inspiration for the new year & spring, hopefully with more new products & prospects of selling in new shops & stalls.

Finger's crossed & watch this space.