Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thankyou lovely Ladybird Likes

I am a 24 year old freelance designer from London. I've pretty much always had a job since my early teenage years, be it babysitting, painting & decorating, bar work or shop work. Since working toward my chosen path in life (design), I have had a good few years of some amazing work experiences, internships & jobs, with some wonderful designers & companies. I've met so many genuinely lovely & inspiring people.
But in our economic climate, bla bla bla, as we all know it's almost impossible to find jobs, especially jobs you really want & love. After a LOT of unpaid work, a long time looking & a long time worrying, I finally have me a job! YES! And a blooming lovely one at that!
I am a studio assistant for the lovely Zoe of LadyBird Likes!

I  felt a huge weight off my shoulder's when she told me I had the job & now I have had my first week & I have started to feel so much happier & lighter.
I'm so happy to be helping out in her studio, surrounded by her beautiful belongings & with her lovely dog Jasper. So far I have been organising and making jewellery, packing order's & I'm excited for the next task that comes along, just enjoying it, taking it all in & learning new things.
It's also really lovely to have little chit chats through out the day, discussing design/business issues, product ideas & have a biscuit and sing song to the radio. Oh & have tea out of so many different pretty mugs!

Check out the Ladybird Likes SHOP of cute & beautiful pieces, I've already bought a few!

Thank you Zoe for employing me & I'm excited to work for you!

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Charlene said...

Wonderful news, Freya! Well-deserved, and I'm sure you'll be great asset to LadyBird Likes. I'm sorry I won't be in town for Gets Hitched, but I look forward to seeing images of your work.