Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Workspace & Lifespace

I have recently redecorated my workspace & bedroom & it makes me very happy!
When I design, I work from home, my home being my family home, and my workspace being my bedroom (not ideal, but it works for the time being while I find a job & eventually my own home space)

My parents always let us do whatever we wanted to our rooms, paint & write on the walls, from a huge yellow sunshine, to the usual teenage song lyrics & walls covered in photos and blue-tack.
My dad is a super dad handy man and built many different shelving & desk systems I requested over the years and I had an awful purple glittery ceiling too! All fun at the time, but all of which had left the space looking a little dishevelled with layers of paint to cover it all up.

As a trained painter & decorator I decided to just go for it and whilst I am still job hunting and have time on my hands. I also wanted a nice space, with more room, it gets a bit much juggling work and life in one room (I spend half my time at the Mr's to get away from it) and it was a room that was a bit run down and bugged me every time I looked up at the purple glittery ceiling. I wanted something nice for me but also nice if we need to house guests and nice for my parents for when I do move out.

After lots of sanding, filling, cleaning & painting, then a bit of clearing out, organising & rearranging  have a new space just in time for Spring! Here are some Instagram images of the space...

 Workspace, Desk & Shelves
Glass Jars, Paint brushes & pens

 Glass Jars & Dried Flowers

Tobacco & Sweetie Tins

 Chest & Chair with blanket

 White & Wood

 Old wooden slide boxes

 Little Glass bottles

 Workspace turns into bedroom

 Bedside Table - White painted wooden crate & magazines

Bedside Table - Lamp & Flowers 

Wooden Crate side table & woven bag 

Workspace meets bedroom, shelves & wardrobes 


Wooden shelves & flower books 


Wood, Leather & Suede 


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